Case Study

Nashville Airport Retail Build

Nashville Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
Architecture, Retail
The BNA expansion under the New Horizons plan represents a significant investment in improving the traveler experience, with additional upgrades such as expanded concourses, enhanced terminal roadways, and a new air freight building.
Architectural Photography Case Study - Nashville Airport Expansion - Nashville, TN

In 2023, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) unveiled an impressive expansion under its “New Horizons” initiative, which included significant enhancements to its retail offerings. This expansion aimed to elevate the traveler experience with a blend of local culture and modern amenities, making the airport a destination in itself.

New Retail Experiences: As part of the airport’s grand transformation, several notable retail stores were introduced, including a store for the Country Music Hall of Fame, Natalie’s Candy Jar, and Whiskey Trailhead. Each of these stores adds a unique flavor to the airport’s bustling environment.

Country Music Hall of Fame Store: This store brings the rich heritage of country music right to the airport, offering travelers a chance to explore a variety of memorabilia, including T-shirts, rhinestone jean jackets, western hats, and mugs. Special sections dedicated to Hatch Show Print posters provide a nostalgic touch, allowing visitors to take a piece of Nashville’s musical legacy with them.

Natalie’s Candy Jar: A delightful addition for travelers of all ages, Natalie’s Candy Jar is a vibrant, self-serve candy store featuring over 500 varieties of sweets. From high-end chocolates to nostalgic candies, the store offers a colorful assortment that caters to every sweet tooth. My photos captured the playful and vibrant atmosphere, emphasizing the joy it brings to both children and adults.

Whiskey Trailhead: Inspired by the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, this unique concept store highlights the state’s renowned whiskey distilleries. Travelers can purchase full bottles of whiskey, browse merchandise from various stops along the trail, and even participate in in-store tastings. The design and ambiance of Whiskey Trailhead provide a perfect snapshot of Tennessee’s rich distilling tradition.

The New Grand Lobby: The expansion also included the redesign of the Grand Lobby, which now houses these new retail concepts. The space has been transformed into a welcoming and engaging area that reflects Nashville’s cultural vibrancy. The Grand Lobby’s open design, combined with modern architectural elements, creates an inviting atmosphere for travelers.

Overall Impact: These changes are designed to meet the growing needs of passengers and ensure that Nashville International Airport remains a cutting-edge travel hub.

Photographing these new additions was an exciting project, allowing me to capture the essence of Nashville’s spirit right within the airport. Each store brings a piece of the city’s culture to travelers, making their journey through BNA a more enriching experience.