Case Study

Tennessee Titans House

Elevate, Tennessee Titans
Germantown - Nashville, Tennessee
Architecture, Hospitality
The Titans House and the new Nissan Stadium project are set to redefine the fan experience in Nashville, blending cutting-edge design with a deep appreciation for the Titans' community.
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In Germantown’s Werthan Building, the Titans House stands as a beacon of excitement and innovation for Tennessee Titans fans. This state-of-the-art experience center is designed to offer a comprehensive preview of what the future holds for the Titans’ new home. As an architectural photographer, capturing the essence of this dynamic venue was critical to the fan-centric experience.

Titans House: The Titans House serves as a gateway for fans to explore and immerse themselves in the new Nissan Stadium experience. Opened in May 2024 for limited appointments, it provides an exclusive, by-appointment-only look into the upcoming stadium’s features. Current PSL holders and new Nissan Stadium waitlist members are guided through an immersive journey, showcasing the various membership and seating options available. My photography aimed to capture the sleek design and interactive elements that make Titans House a cutting-edge facility.

Membership Options: The new stadium offers a range of seating memberships through a structured three-wave sales process. Premier seat memberships, constituting the most luxurious and exclusive options, include amenities such as access to members-only club lounges, dedicated entrances, and all-inclusive food and beverage packages. These seats are positioned within the lower bowl, offering some of the best views in the stadium. Reserved seat memberships, which make up about 90 percent of the seating, offer close sightlines to the field, expansive patio spaces, and various fan benefits, including discounts on merchandise and concessions.

Design and Architecture: The new Nissan Stadium is a collaborative effort involving top-tier architectural firms and construction managers. The design team is led by TVS as the architect of record and MANICA as the lead design architect, with Hastings contributing as the concept phase exterior design consultant.

Fan Experience: Titans House is not just about showcasing seat memberships; it also embodies the Titans’ commitment to their fans and the community. With nearly 40 percent of all seat memberships priced under $3,500 and over 30 different price points, the stadium is designed to be accessible to a wide range of fans. The experience at Titans House ensures that every fan finds something special, whether it’s the enhanced sightlines or premium amenities.

Through photography, I aimed to bring to life the visionary aspects of this project, capturing the excitement and innovation that will make the new stadium a landmark destination for sports fans and the broader Nashville community.