Case Study

Justin Timberlake's 12/30 Club

Fox Restaurant Concepts
Downtown - Nashville, Tennessee
Architecture, Hospitality
In the heart of Nashville at Fifth + Broadway, The Twelve Thirty Club stands as a vibrant testament to the city's dynamic blend of culture, music, and gastronomy.
Justin Timberlake's 12/30 Club in downtown Nashville, Tennessee - Architecture Photographer Seth Parker

Co-founded by Justin Timberlake and renowned restaurateur Sam Fox, this venue is a multifaceted marvel, designed to captivate and inspire through every detail.

The Honky Tonk: The journey through The Twelve Thirty Club begins on the first floor with The Honky Tonk, a modern homage to Nashville’s beloved musical tradition. This level exudes an inviting, lively atmosphere, where live music fills the air every night, showcasing both emerging talents and established artists. The menu offers creative twists on American favorites, featuring dishes like pork belly dumplings and the 12/30 Burger. Capturing the energy and vibrant spirit of this space, my photographs aimed to convey the bustling ambiance and the joyful essence of Nashville’s nightlife.

Honorary Member: Ascend the grand staircase to the mezzanine level, and you’ll find yourself in Honorary Member, a sophisticated yet casual cocktail lounge. Designed for those seeking a refined retreat, this 50-person lounge offers expertly crafted cocktails and light bites, providing a serene escape while still maintaining a connection to the vibrancy below.

The Supper Club: The crown jewel of The Twelve Thirty Club resides on the second floor. The Supper Club is an opulent homage to the glamour of 19th-century supper clubs, adorned with plush seating, Art Deco-inspired decor, and a stage set for nightly live performances. The menu here features luxurious offerings such as Wagyu steak tartare and lobster spaghetti ‘Al Limone.’ The extensive wine collection, boasting over 1,800 bottles from around the globe, ensures a perfect pairing for every dish. My photography here aimed to capture the decadence and elegance of the space, focusing on the intricate details and the rich textures that make The Supper Club a visual feast.

The Rooftop Bar: Adjacent to The Supper Club, the Rooftop Bar offers panoramic views of Nashville’s skyline, including landmarks like The Ryman and Bridgestone Arena. This chic, garden-style terrace invites guests to enjoy cocktails under the stars, all while soaking in the vibrant sounds of the latest DJ sets. It’s the ideal spot to conclude an evening, blending the city’s electric energy with an air of sophistication. I sought to capture the enchanting views and the serene yet vibrant atmosphere of the rooftop, emphasizing the seamless blend of natural beauty and urban chic.

Justin Timberlake and Sam Fox envisioned The Twelve Thirty Club as a celebration of Nashville’s unique blend of styles and cultures. Each level provides a distinct experience, ensuring that every visit offers something new and memorable. Their creation is not just a club, but a vibrant homage to Nashville’s past, present, and future, combining stylish elegance with the unmistakable pulse of the city’s music scene.