A Citizen with a Plan for Limestone

Choosing your future Commissioner shouldn't be taken lightly. Yes, they're responsible for the roads, but economic growth and budget control play a huge role in the seat.

The County Commission is responsible for a yearly budget of over $30 million. Shouldn't we expect more from that? - Seth Parker

A Limestone County Commissioner is responsible for fixing county roads and administering all of the public funds of Limestone County. The Limestone County Commission is also responsible for promoting economic opportunities and growth for its people. In other words, the Limestone County Commission spends over $30 million of our money annually. If they're not fighting for new jobs and road repairs, what are they doing?

We need a Commissioner that will put the interests of their county and district before their own. We need a Commissioner that is genuinely concerned about the people of Limestone County and their quality of life. We need a Commissioner that is willing to spend the time working to fix our roads and ditches. We need a Commissioner that understands economic development and growth. We need a Commissioner that doesn't treat this office like a part-time job, but looks at it as a full-time opportunity to help the citizens of Limestone County.

We need to vote for Seth Parker on June 3rd, 2014, because we should expect more.

Seth's Plan for Limestone

The Plan

  • Repair the Roads and Ditches

    I've found several, longer-lasting, cost-effective ways to repair our roads that I can implement immediately. I will also keep the roadsides clean and cut.

  • Accessible Government

    You can call me directly any time. If you need help, I'll personally send someone out within 24 hours.

  • Stop Wasteful Spending

    I'll stop wasteful spending in our district and work with the Chairman and other Commissioners to stop it county-wide.

  • Bring High-Paying Jobs

    Economic development is a huge part of the County Commission's duty. I will work with local businesses and authorities to make our area more enticing for future growth.

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