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Slaughterhouse Whiskey Concept Art

Michael Myers Slaughterhouse Whiskey Commercial Liquor Photography - Nashville, Tennessee

This was a fun project! During Halloween, I bought a Michael Myers costume. There are lots of reasons why having this costume is phenomenal, but most of them revolve around how this costume has a great tendency to creep people out. Especially my wife.

After buying the costume, I walked into a liquor store (finding good bourbon is a hobby of mine) and saw this Slaughterhouse Whiskey. The wheels started turning. I bought the bottle and started planning the idea.

Once I figured out what to do, I donned the costume, went out to the garage and started shooting. What do you think?

Disclaimer: This shoot was not paid for or endorsed by Slaughterhouse Whiskey or whomever their parent company may be. I did this on my own for my own purposes.

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